DuoMax is proven to be safe on all common surfaces including plastics, steel, vinyl, wood and cloth without the need for PPE, COSHH or specialist staff training.

A common component of some widely used disinfectant agents is sodium hypochlorite which is highly corrosive to equipment and harmful to staff and the environment.

The NHS and other healthcare institutions have to continually repair and replace equipment that have been corroded and worn away by repeated use of harmful cleaning and disinfectant chemicals. DuoMax is safe to people, the environment and equipment, eliminating costs and problems.

DuoMax has been subject to intensive testing regarding the toxicity and corrosion levels to ensure the products do not decay, decompose or damage surfaces. That is why we sent DuoMax to be tested by Boeing and Air Bus who carried out many demanding tests including submersion tests on 52 surfaces.

The tests demonstrated that DuoMax will not corrode, taint or damage any of the tested surfaces even after continued use.

Total Immersion Corrosion:

DuoMax show neither evidence of staining, pitting, or corrosion - AMS 1242B

Effect on Transparent Plastics:

DuoMax shall not craze, stain, or discolor acrylic plastic, polycarbonate plastics or polysulfone plastic. - AMS 1242B

Effect on Painted Surfaces:

DuoMax shall not produce any streaking, discoloration, or blistering - AMS 1242B

Effect on Vinyl Surfaces:

DuoMax shall neither cause scratching nor more than minimal color changing or staining - AMS 1242B